Welcome to DRC services for Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) which we can provide wherever you are situated in Australia through our national accreditation.

The Family Law Court mandates that where parties are in dispute it is necessary to attend at FDR and to make best endeavours to resolve, or at least narrow, their issues before taking the dispute to court. At DRC we can work to assist both parties with issues relating to parenting arrangements or property division (or both).

If mediation is successful, we can assist further by documenting parenting arrangements with a Parenting Plan, or in property division matters, a record of outcome. Either of these documents can be presented to solicitors to support an application for consent orders to give them legal effect.

$900 + GST per person  ($300 + GST for initial intake appointment and $600 + GST for 3 hours maximum mediation)

AT DRC we can assist individuals, business, organisations, or government with a range of mediation services. Should you be locked into a commercial dispute, or should you be experiencing a disruptive workplace environment, DRC has the experience to work with individuals and to achieve an outcome that better supports continuing productivity rather than spending time and resources bogged down in a dispute.

Whether it be money owed, breach of contract, unfair dismissal, bullying/harassment or issues of misconduct, any dispute that is taking you away from achieving your goals is costly.

Let us help you regain control.

Set fee by prior arrangement. Please contact us and we’ll discuss your matter to tailor an appropriate fee.

Where parties cannot resolve their dispute, or alternatively if is it determined following initial intake that the parties are unsuitable for mediation (or unwilling to mediate) we can issue a S60(i) certificate as required by the Family Court.

In all instances a S60(i) certificate can only be issued when we have completed an initial intake and have all of the information that we need to decide whether it is appropriate in all of the circumstances to issue the certificate.